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About us

At Little Fox we create beautiful themed and nature inspired sensory kits for your children. They contain our own homemade, non toxic and buttery soft dough that is scented with essential oils especially chosen to reduce stress, anxiety and promote well being.

Alongside the sensory dough is a selection of loose parts and figures your child can play with and create in their own way. Our Kits encourage imaginative, creative and open ended  play while contributing the enormous benefits sensory play provides. We focus mainly on natural loose parts, these are so inviting for little hands and truly open ended allowing those big imaginations to take them anywhere! 

The aim of our Kits is to provide a product that will give many hours of joy and learning opportunities for your little ones, whilst nurturing those big imaginations! Kids of all ages enjoy our kits so they can really grow with your child, they also have the added benefit of being able to entertain kids of various ages so can keep all your little ones busy and happily playing together.

I am a mother of a young child myself and the idea for Little Fox has grown out of the activities I have done with my little boy over the past few years. My son Isaac has never been much into writing or drawing so I would come up with different ways he could practice his motor skills and strengthen little hand muscles doing something he enjoys. I also noticed this form of play really helped him relax and handle the big emotions of being a small boy! As he has grown he now uses the kits in different ways, he favourite being making small worlds and taking the animals on the most wonderful adventures, such a joy to watch! He has absolutely thrived playing and learning in this way and I really hope our products can bring you as much joy to your little ones.